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8.13 for Android
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Jan 01, 2020

What is Fouad iOS APK?

This is just another version of the Android Apps app that aims to bring the iOS experience to all Android smartphones with this instant messenger - formerly known as Yowa iOS when it relies on YoWhatsapp  based development developed by Yousef Al-Basha. According to the developer, FMWhatsApp is now replacing the basic version as Yomods officially discontinued all development.

StefanoYG from MBMods makes this a great app for users who want to make their WhatsApp apps like an official physical iPhone app. For these people, I would say that the Fouad iOS APK is the best version to talk about in every way.

The functionality is more than enough for current users, and the developer plans to expand it as well. By the way, the application has anti-security protection, users don't worry about losing the account. We recommend the package name com.wa for your main account and use MBWhatsapp (com.mb) as a temporary secondary purpose.


Call or call a unknown number - just enter the cell phone number and select the Call or Message option.

Last seen freeze - This option allows you to freeze your previously viewed data and only shows your most recent data to your contacts. The disadvantage is; You may not even have an accurate view of your contacts.

Disable forwarding - Once you enable this feature, the forwarding tag will not appear in the message you are sending.

Who can call me - Customize who can call you. - Everyone except my contacts, add my contacts ..., select contacts and none.

Hide view state - Don't let contacts know that you've seen their status.

Anti-Arrays Status - You can also view other people's status even if it has not been deleted.

Anti-Erase Message - Similar to anti-erase status features, but for status

Show blue checkmark after reply - Contacts will only see blue checkmark after you reply to your message.

Block - Three ways to block your food iOS and WAMOD - fingerprints, patterns, and pins.

FM Themes - There are over 3000 issues available in subject memory.

Change background color - Choose the color you want for the entire app background.

Font Styles – Over 30 fonts can be used on the iOS app.

Emoji variants - Choose a different emoji style from Facebook. Emoji One and Android Oreo.

Hide Media from Gallery - Hide hidden photos, videos and GIFs with MBWhatsApp

backup and restore installed - Create backups like Titanium Backup to restore all application data.

Languages ​​- The app is available in over 10 languages.

Always online - Once you activate this feature, you are clear offline until you are clear now.

Image mode - Send up to 21MB image files.

Disable image sharing limit - Send more than 10 images at a time.

Home screen customization - Headers, lines and more.

Download topics

This topic was developed specifically for the RC Ricoh course. In my case, this is best suited for this Android app.

  • GLAX theme
  • iOS theme
  • IOS dark theme
  • UIS topic

How do I apply topics?

  • Open the theme zip file.
  • Go to the YoMods >> YoThemes >> Load
  • Select the XML file from the memory.
  • Restart the RC Yo WhatsApp.

Final Words

This is about downloading and installing the RC Yachts App on your Android device. I hope this app fulfills your iOS dreams, at least while using WhatsApp. The RCYWA topics are pretty impressive to me too. Try them all and just don't stick together.

Do you have any doubts about this application?

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