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Download the latest version of the Instamod app apk, which has been updated to 2020 with updated charges.

About Instamod APK: Instamod APK is a modified version of the official Instagram for Android devices. This mode is just for those who need more features than official Instagram. If you are one of them, you will download the best app and something else; It is currently the only parent live version to receive an update since GBInsta was shut down.

Instagram was withdrawn from Facebook in 2012 and is one of the fastest growing apps for media exchange. Currently, this third most popular social network has over 1 billion active users per month. About half of users scroll through the feed daily.

Undoubtedly, a quarter of users try to download media, something they want to use with third-party tools. In general, you can find many downloads in the Google Play Store. With this Instamod, however, you do not need to use a third-party tool to download IGTV videos, pictures and stories from your favorite people.


  • Disable video toplay - By default, it was in autoplay mode. To turn it off simply long-press the <strong> Camera my icon </strong> in the Action bar.
  • Do not mark messages directly read - This option does not let the person know that you have read their message directly. How to activate this task - Long press on the icon directly in the action bar to activate it.
  • Download Stories - Yes, you can save stories from your favorite apps in your Gallery app through the InstaMod Android apk.
  • Media Download - Media contains pictures and videos of someone (friend or celebrity) indirectly from the feed - just tap on 3 point additional video downloads.
  • Save IGTV Videos - Save IGTV videos to your device memory that you want to share or use, or offline.
  • Download Ending Media - This option allows you to download the missing pictures and videos in your direct message.
  • Ad-free - You have not seen any ads between feeds.
  • Hide visual stories - Don't tell anyone you've seen their stories.
  • Hide write status in DM - As soon as you enable this option, the write status will be hidden while composing a message in the DM.
  • High quality photos - This removes the restriction and shows the user high quality photos. This may be due to delays and memory crashes.
  • Translation - Supports Google and Yandex translation engines. Comments and contributions can be translated into English, Russian, Ukrainian and Turkish.
  • Browser in application - You do not need to open another browser to visit the website.
  • Buy items in search - If you don't want them, you can disable items in the search.
  • Ignore the Tracker - Many people want to know who didn't follow them. Right? In this case, this option makes sense. You can also view the list of followers with this Instagram.
  • Third-party application lock tools are no longer required. Just lock your Instagram with a zip code.
  • Some more like disabling analytics and disabling app updates.

Some shortcuts

  • Double tap to activate / deactivate
  • Download the media three times.
  • Zoom pictures with long taps.
  • Open the Camera and disable DM.

Different functions

  • Copy the comments.
  • Copy user bio
  • Verify that the user follows you by visiting their profile.
  • The comment link can be opened directly.
  • Listen to music in stories and add
  • Add stories to music stickers (may not be available in your country)

More than 300 million people use Instagram:

* Edit photos and videos with free, custom filters.

* Enhance photos with 10 advanced creative tools for changing brightness, contrast and saturation, as well as shadows, highlights and perspectives.

* Find people based on accounts and photos they already like.

* Share photos and videos instantly to Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and other social networks.

* Connect with Instagrammers around the world and stay connected with your photos and videos.

* Send private photo and video messages to friends directly.

What is new?

Instagram is now filtering for bullying comments that annoy or should annoy people in our community. Our Community Guidelines have always banned bullying on our platform. This is the next step in our ongoing commitment to maintain Instagram as an inclusive, supportive area for all voices.

Last word

The highlights I have published are Ads (Disable Ad Engine) and not the following tracker. In my case, this was the first priority. Instamod has a huge influence on the aspect of the tasks they provide. I hope the Krogon 500 adds more features in the upcoming updates.

Comment below on what your favorite or most useful feature of this app is.

Thanks for reading and see you later. Peace

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