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What is FMWhatsApp?

Before we start downloading and installing, I want to briefly explain what amazing features FMWhatsApp and APK offer In addition, I will also share the options of FMWhatsApp.

Basically, FMWhatsApp Safe is a simple WhatsApp mod that lacks the basic version of WhatsApp. When a new feature is introduced to WhatsApp, it is first introduced to WhatsApp beta users. If you are not a WhatsApp Beta user, you will have to wait for this feature to become available to the public. Similarly, WhatsApp comes with many flexible options, such as: B. Large backup messages, large files, change content and advanced privacy settings after the deadline. Take a look at the best WhatsApp group names

With the FMWhatsApp APK for Android you can easily customize it on WhatsApp. Themes, custom chat screens, chat apps and privacy options are new features that have been introduced for the FMWhatsApp APK. After talking about FMWhatsApp, let’s take a look at what cool features you really enjoy.

FMWhatsApp works

FMWhatsApp offers numerous new functions. I will list here the most used and advanced features. Go through them and you'll then be given the option to download them to your Android device. Additional features and important settings can be found in the Changelog section below.

Starting with the privacy settings. If you want to take your WhatsApp privacy to the next level, this is the FMWhatsApp for you. There are people who don't want to show anyone their status. As of now, WhatsApp has no such option to hide it. Other people can be seen offline as you open WhatsApp. This problem can be resolved from FMWhatsApp privacy settings. Status In addition to hiding the online position, you can also disable the header, single, double, blue, recording and tip positions.

Custom themes for WhatsApp

Are you tired of the old-looking WhatsApp user interface and WhatsApp theme? If so, FMWhatsApp is distributed by Yo Yoms with YoYots app integration. This means you have access to thousands of WhatsApp topics from the Yomims library. And yes, this is the only theme option you can find in Yo WhatsApp. It was developed in collaboration with the Yova Mod developer.

Emoji special version

If you compare emoji to Facebook, Google, WhatsApp, etc., you will find that not all of them are really the same. They all have the same character, but the style and graphics will be very different from stage to stage. Let us know that you love Facebook Emoji and want to put a number of emoji in WhatsApp. FMWhatsApp is possible with the Emoji Special Edition.

You can choose from:

  • Save
  • Facebook
  • Emoji One V3
  • Android OS
  • Old camp emoji

Lock chat

The WhatsApp apps mod provides a special option to lock or hide confidential chats on the main screen. If someone takes your phone and opens WhatsApp, they will not be able to see the hidden chats or groups using the Chat option in FMWhatsApp. You can activate it by going to settings. One small feature is that many of them certainly love them.

These were some of the most interesting features that everyone would love in WhatsApp, and everything else mentioned above and the latest version of FMWhatsApp 8.26 for Android include many other interesting features.

What's new in the latest version

  • 2.20.11 Update to the Basic Version.
  • New Emoji.
  • Extra task for marking read status.
  • New possibility to jump directly to the first message in the conversation.
  • Fixes bugs and bugs in previous versions.

Last word

In relation to the feature list mentioned, it becomes clear what the benefits of MODS are on WhatsApp. At this point, we think that mod users will be upset if enough people are made aware of these modified versions of WhatsApp like FMWhatsApp. In the original version, the FMWhatsApp game will have to be played head to toe and introduce new features that users have been asking for years. It is enough to experience a possible difference in the FM function list. More and more users are switching to modes and we may experience a drastic surge in modified app users if a standard version is not available.

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